Issue Summary

In a recent survey, one-third of Americans said they would consider buying natural products that address stress. With ashwagandha's long history of use as a stress reliever—in addition to supporting immunity, sexual function and more—the versatile adaptogen holds increasing global appeal. Although European Union (EU) member states take different regulatory approaches to food supplements, the botanical is starting to find opportunity abroad as countries such as Belgium and Spain navigate the regulatory waters.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint
  • The Growth of Ashwagandha
    by Brenda Porter-Rockwell
  • Food Supplements Containing Ashwagandha: A Pathway to Market in the EU
    by Josh Long
  • Takeaways

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Cross-channel growth of U.S. products containing ashwagandha rose 40% from mid-2016 to mid-2017.
  • In the EU, meeting safety and legal requirements is key to using ashwagandha in food supplements.
  • The "mutual recognition" principle allows a product sold in one EU country to be sold in another.