Issue Summary

According to one study, average testosterone levels in American men have been substantially decreasing since 1988. Many women also struggle with hormone imbalance. Considering the role of hormones in aiding stamina, active individuals may benefit from a formulation containing a natural testosterone-booster such as ashwagandha root extract.

Editor's Take

Combining male concern about low testosterone levels with the quest for natural, performance-enhancing ingredients has translated to market success for two sports nutrition formulations showcasing ashwagandha. Status from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and DreamBrand's Mdrive Elite focus on different segments of the athletic community, but both have experienced excellent market response.

  • Some formulations are targeting "average" individuals rather than hard-core bodybuilders.
  • Increased libido is a secondary effect product marketers may choose to highlight in formulations.
  • One study of full-spectrum ashwagandha extract showed a 434 percent increase in serum testosterone.