Issue Summary

Global sales of functional foods are expected to exceed US$255 billion by 2024, largely fueled by increased consumer interest in healthier food and beverage options that enhance well-being. With clinical research supporting its role in areas such as brain health, energy and stamina, ashwagandha is a natural fit—whether for its own synergistic benefits or enhancing other actives. Already available in the likes of beverages, chocolate bars, veggie burgers and soft chews, the market is packed with potential.

Editor's Take

Consumers are gravitating toward clean label, nutrient-dense foods and beverages. Incorporating a powerhouse adaptogen such as ashwagandha provides additional appeal, particularly when the ingredient is supported by clinical research and strong branding. Good Seed Burger’s Curried Sweet Potato hempseed burger, Good Superfoods’ Chocolate bars and Further Fuel Energy Boosting Soft Chews represent the diverse range of products drawing on the functional benefits of KSM-66 Ashwagandha.

  • Formulation is key to ensure a winning combination of efficacy, flavor and delivery method.
  • Sports drinks offer opportunity, as nearly half of users consume them even when not working out.
  • Concentrated ashwagandha derived from traditional extraction methods provides several advantages.