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Delivering Ashwagandha in New Formats - Report

Delivering Ashwagandha in New Formats - Report
Consumers are looking for healthy foods and beverages that not only fit an almost nonstop lifestyle, but also offer functional benefits. With a rich tradition of use in ancient modalities, ashwagandha is making its way into modern Western markets through the likes of chocolate bars, energy drinks and veggie burgers. Products incorporating the adaptogenic botanical are positioning themselves to support overall well-being, cognitive function, natural stamina, enhanced relaxation and more.

• Weight management and stress relief are two popular applications for ashwagandha beverages.
• Ashwagandha has been paired with chocolate, granola, orange juice, curried sweet potato and more.
• The first USDA Organic ashwagandha, KSM-66 features a unique “green chemistry” production process.

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