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Boosting the impact of sports supplements with ashwagandha - case study

Boosting the impact of sports supplements with ashwagandha - case study
The sports nutrition market is the most explosive growth category in the consumer health industry. The segment has experienced a 12 percent compound annual growth rate from 2012 through 2017, more than doubling the rate of other categories in nutritional supplements. Looking ahead, sports nutrition is expected to continue grow as diverse consumers embrace health goals. With ashwagandha valued for its adaptogenic properties, it can boost performance and combat stress. it’s an ingredient that is poised to enhance sports formulations.

Ashwagandha can support testosterone levels, strength, muscle size, sexual function and endurance - promoting mental clarity, boosting energy and performance. This latest Ashwagandha Advantage case study report examines how innovative brands are incorporating ashwagandha into performance-based sports formulations for both elite and everyday athletes, providing balanced solutions that offer clinically backed benefits.

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